Ace Service is a business that specializes in many services, the main one being in heating and cooling. They also provide affordable maintenance plans to ensure that your systems are kept in top condition. They pride themselves on the quality service they provide and the feedback they receive from customers. 
Focusing more on the service they provide; the goal was to emphasize on how that quality would look and what it could be related to. The logo is a combination between a manifold gauge tool frequently used in this business and their values. 
Tools Used
Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign
The Ace Service logo was a challenge for me since this kind of business focuses on many services which require all types of tools. I wanted to refrain from the fire and ice designs that are constantly used for hvac service and connect with something deeper. This project allowed me to explore lots of possibilities and directions I could've gone in. It also required a lot of research on tools and how those forms could emphasize on the service they provide. 
Further Ideation 
With more time, I would've liked to expand this project with a website and other items used by service technicians. 

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