Back to the 80s is an exhibition that explores the elements of vintage advertisement and gives the viewer a peek into what this era looked like through publication pieces

By taking actual clippings from family magazines during the 80s, the exhibition is a true representation of this time period in a categorized manner. It's a remembrance of the past and celebration for what's current.
Tools Used 
Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign 
This project is an embodiment of the 80s and allowed me to take on those qualities with my design through the book cover and layout. With each project, research is always so different, so this required more observation than anything when comparing magazines of this time to the qualities they have now. 
Further Ideation  
With more time, I would've liked to add other sections to this exhibition or explored a different layout. One in which the viewer could feel like the ads are shown in real time with other information surrounding it. As if they opened an actual magazine from the 80s.

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