Blazed Pastries is a bakery located in RichmondVirginia. They're known for their artisan approach and uphold this by making their own flour from sourcing organic grains in their region, stone milling those grains and utilizing a brick oven for all of their products.
Centered around authentic qualities, the proposed design needed to reflect the values of the bakery while staying wholesome and organic. This approach ultimately led to lino printing in order to achieve those qualities. The design was drawn, carved, and printed to mimick the craft the bakery uses to create their pastries. 
Tools Used
Sketchbook, Linoleum Blocks, Lino Cutters, Ink and Press, Photoshop, Illustrator and Printer
Graphis Silver Award in the New Talent 2023 for Logo

From this project, I discovered a new interest for Lino Printing and how many other tools can be used for design. It was a burst of exploration and many firsts for me. I realized how much I love the Ideation and prototyping process from this, especially when coming up with my brochure idea. This project made me learn to have more patience with myself as a designer and to never get attached to first ideas, to always explore more.
Further Ideation 
With more time, I would've liked to expand on this project and create other touchpoints, especially for packaging. 

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